My List of Demands for the 84th Academy Awards

Well here comes another wishful list of things I want from tonight starting off with:

1. Best Cinematography for The Tree of Life

Nothing came close to the work Emmanuel Lubezki contributed to The Tree of Life.  It was beautiful, jaw dropping and innovative.  Add to this the fact that Lubezki still does not have an Oscar (even though he also did the cinematography for Children of Men) and this should be a shoo-in.  However, it seems like The Artist or Hugo can pull off a win.  The Artist's cinematography doesn't even deserve to be considered along side Lubezki's work and while Hugo's cinematography was very impressive, Robert Richardson should not win another Oscar in a year where The Tree of Life is competing.

2. Best Lead Actor does not go to George Clooney

I really don't like to actively root against anything in my list of demands but in a year with so many things locked up and so little rooting interest in many of the categories there is nothing else left to do.  So it's time to just say it: George Clooney's work on The Descendants was not awards worthy.  He just could not translate the emotions of the script into his performance.  It came off as a bit one-note and in a year that saw great performances from Brad Pitt and Jean Dujardin, an oscar should not be going his way.

3. Best Sound Mixing and Best Sound Editing do not go to Hugo

Visually, Hugo was very impressive, but I can not remember one thing about its sound design at all.  Both sound categories are actually very weak (besides the nominations for Drive and Transformers), but at the very least can't War Horse (which actually featured some impressive bits of sound and incorporated the score into the film better than Hugo) win out here?

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