The Emmys: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

The Good 
-Margo Martindale deservingly won Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.  She then continued to give the best acceptance speech of the night as she finally received recognition for all of her hard years working as a character actress.
-Friday Night Lights got not 1, but 2 farewell awards.  In shocking upsets, Friday Night Lights won for Best Writing in a Drama Series and Best Lead Actor in a Drama Series for Kyle Chandler's restrained performance as Coach Taylor.
-The show had a good pace to it.  The boring section of the night (let's face it, nobody cares about the Miniseries/TV Movie segments) went by quickly and the ceremony was over with more than enough time to watch an encore presentation of last night's Breaking Bad (which may have just won Bryan Cranston another Emmy last night).
The Bad
-The show ended very anti-climatically.  The show decided to give Best Comedy Series last (which was one of the biggest locks of the night, especially after Modern Family swept through the early part of the ceremony), and, even though there was a lot of suspense to it, Mad Men ended up winning Best Drama Series again.
-Jane Lynch was a non-factor as a host.  I barely remember what she did last night.  However, as an actress on Glee, the show decided to add in a bunch of musical elements, which mostly failed (I'm looking at you Emmingtons!).
The Ugly
-Steve Carell (now officially) never won an Emmy for portraying Michael Scott.  The least Jim Parsons could have done when he won for a 2nd time (Why again?  I have no idea) was at least acknowledge what a comedic force Carell has been over the last few years.  Instead he showered a bunch of praise on co-star Johnny Galecki.

Predictions-wise, I went 13 for 23 for a percentage of 56.55 (not bad for one of the most unpredictable Emmy ceremonies on record).

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