My List of Demands to the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Regarding the Primetime Emmys, Part 2

Well I did a list of demands for the nominations so I might as well do one for the winners too.  So far the Academy is off to a great start with handing out the awards as they finally gave one to Community.  Without further ado, here are the things I want to see the Academy give an award to:

3. Friday Night Lights gets a farewell win

Friday Night Lights' run has ended, but it did receive 4 major Emmy nominations (including its first ever nomination in Best Drama Series).  The show has only won one award in the past (a Best Casting award in 2007).  However, despite some of the best acting and writing on television, it has never won a major award.  With all 4 of its nominations being in major categories, it would be a great surprise to see the show be given a farewell win.

2. Steve Carell for Best Lead Actor in a Comedy Series

I think it's been talked about enough that Steve Carell has never won an Emmy before.  I guess it wouldn't hurt to point out one last time how outrageous it would be if Carell went away Emmy-less for one of the greatest comedic performances of all-time.  Emmys please don't let that happen!

1. Margo Martindale for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

But when it comes to the best performance of the year, I think it has to go Margo Matindale's fierce performance as Mags Bennett.  It would be a shame if she wen't home Emmy-less (especially since she won't be back on the show in the future).

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