Episode 5: Contagion Review

In this episode of the Lord of the Films Podcast, I review Contagion, recap the Creative Arts Emmys and discuss the Oscar chances of some of the fall film festival films.


  1. Great job on this podcast. I'd already read your Contagion review, but was listening very intently to your take on the festivals. I think you covered all the films that I'd been watching, and seems like we're on the same page with the takeaways. The one I might add is Janet McTeague as a possibility for Albert Nobbs. The thinking seems to be that Academy members will see the film for Close, and then get hooked on McTeague's performance along the way.

    I don't watch enough tv to know much about the Emmys, but I was thrilled to hear that Loretta Devine won. I've always loved her work.

    Great show!

  2. Thanks for your thoughts and your thinking on Albert Nobb's chances beyond Close is interesting. Considering the Supporting Actress field looks thin at the moment, it is certainly possible.


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