List of Demands: 65th Primetime Emmys

We are so close to the big night (well not big enough that I would watch it over the penultimate episode of Breaking Bad).  That's right the Emmys ceremony is tomorrow night.  Here's what I hope to see Emmy voters voting for:

1. Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones Wins Drama Series

Breaking Bad is the criminally overdue series.  Game of Thrones aired the best season during the Emmy eligibility.  There's no reason why one of these shows can't win Outstanding Drama Series.  The two biggest competitors to these series our Homeland (which, let's face it, is an inferior show of the same exact genre as Breaking Bad) and House of Cards (which is only this close to a victory in this category because of it's starry cast and crew and the streaming platform that it calls home) so let's hope voters get it right.

2. Jonathan Banks and/or Anna Gunn Win

For the first time in the series history, the rest of the cast of Breaking Bad finally caught up to Bryan Cranston (well Aaron Paul has always been on his level and Giancarlo Esposito was quite strong in season four) in season five.  Hopefully, two of the best performances (possibly the best two) of the Emmy eligibility period are rewarded.

3. 30 Rock Wins Something

30 Rock had one of the best final seasons in recent memory, and it would be a shame if it went home with just a casting award.  So whether it's for directing, writing, supporting actress, lead actor, lead actress or even comedy series itself, I'm hoping 30 Rock wins something big.

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