List of Demands: 65th Primetime Emmy Nominations

Here are the 3 things that would make me happiest to see tomorrow morning:

1. Breaking Bad Gets a Writing Nomination

When all is said and done, Breaking Bad will probably end up as one of the best TV series of all-time.  A lot of that has to do with the fantastic writing that Vince Gilligan and company do on the show.  Yet Breaking Bad has never received a writing nomination at the Emmys.  It is time for that to change.

2. Jonathan Banks Gets a Nomination

Jonathan Banks has long been one of the more underrated actors in the Breaking Bad cast, but this year he brought his game to a whole new level with extra screentime.  Banks may have actually delivered a performance that surpassed the great Bryan Cranston during season 5.

3. Corey Stoll Gets a Nomination

Just like Jonathan Banks, Corey Stoll stole his show from a much more acclaimed actor.  In this case it was House of Cards and Kevin Spacey.  Stoll had a breakout year and got a major role on one of the most anticipated TV shows in production, The Strain.  All of that has to do with his spectacular performance as a doomed congressman.

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