List of Demands: 64th Primetime Emmys

I have been really late in getting up my list of demands for tonight's Emmys.  So here is a quick take on 3 things that I hope happen:

3. Amy Poehler wins

Amy Poehler has proven herself to be one of our greatest comedic actors.  However, she has nothing to show for it (at least from the Emmys).  She has two chances tonight for a win.  She is nominated for Best Lead Actress in a Comedy Series and Best Writing for a Comedy Series.  A win for her any of these two categories would be a great moment.

2. Breaking Bad wins at least two categories

Breaking Bad delivered an all-time great season with season four.  It can win in 5 categories tonight (Best Drama Series, Best Lead Actor in a Drama Series, Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series and Best Directing for a Drama Series), and it will only be fair to this fantastic season that it wins in two of these.

1. Mad Men loses Best Drama Series

Mad Men has won 4 straight Emmys for Best Drama Series.  Enough is enough already.  You can love Mad Men all you want, but there is no reasoning that can justify it winning 5 Emmys during television's Golden Age.  It simply hasn't been the best show on television for 5 straight seasons in years in which Breaking Bad, Lost, Friday Night Lights and others have aired.

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