List of Demands: 64th Primetime Emmy Nominations

If you follow my Awards coverage, one of the features I do before a nominations announcement or ceremony is give out a list of 3 demands to the voting body.  This time it’s for the Emmy nominations, and while there is nothing that the Academy could do to get me ranting for days (like say if the Academy didn’t nominate Margo Martindale last year), there are a few things they could do to get me in a happy mode (but let’s face it I’m already going to be in a happy mood knowing I’m only hours away from seeing The Dark Knight Rises).  So here are 3 things I demand of Emmy voters:

1. Breaking Bad must get a writing nomination

As one of the best written shows on television (currently and of all-time), it is shocking to me that Breaking Bad has never been nominated for Best Writing for a Drama Series.  Breaking Bad can be viewed as a statement on American culture or could be viewed as just a damn good thriller.  The reason it is able to work on so many levels is because of the writing.  This year the team behind Breaking Bad didn’t do so well in submitting episodes for Best Writing in a Drama Series (they sent in way too many episodes).  Even so an episode like “Box Cutter” (which I just re-watched on Bluray and holds up extremely well) should be able to rise above the other episodes and make it into the final 5.

2. Romola Garai must be nominated for Best Actress in a Miniseries/Movie

I just finished watching this fantastic British series and the best part about it was Romola Garai’s performance.  While I am currently predicting her I am worried she will fall to the wayside in favor of some more veteran and more famous actors (in a similar fashion to Hayley Atwell last year).  This is unfair as Garai gives a dynamite performance that people would be drooling over if someone like Emma Watson gave it instead.

3. Community must get a nomination

Community was my favorite show of last year.  It is television’s most ambitious show and it has absolutely no chance of getting any major nominations.  However, it would be pretty great if it was able to pick up a technical nomination somewhere.  Last year it was able to get an Individual Achievement in Animation for its animated Christmas episode.  Hopefully it can do it again for its video game episode from this past season.  Unfortunately, Individual Achievement awards are announced at a later date than tomorrow’s announcement.  So at the end of the day this demand may still be up in the air.


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