2011 Emmy Nominations

Here are the nominations.

The Good:
-Game of Thrones loved.  I am so happy it go in for Series, Main Title Design, Costume, Hairstyling, Visual Effects and Stunt Coordination.
-Rubicon got nominated!!! (For its Main Title Design)
-The Original Music and Lyrics category is awesome.  Please let Justin Timberlake and Andy Samburg's hilarious "3 Way (The Golden Rule)" win.
-Friday Night Lights love.  It wasn't great this season but it should have won Best Drama Series in the past so a nomination is a good start.
-Mireille Enos breaks through in Best Drama Actress
-Guy Pearce finally gets a major acting nomination.
-Jeremy Davies gets a surprise nomination in the Guest Actor, Drama category for his work on Justified.
-Dot Marie Jones gets a surprise nomination in the Guest Actress, Comedy category for her work on Glee.
-The Golden Globes got into Best Special Class Program.
-Hawaii Five-0 gets in for Stunt Coordination.
-Sherlock gets nominated for Writing.  I am stunned and incredibly happy that this show got a major nomination.

The Bad:
-No The Pillars of the Earth in Art Direction.  The art direction was actually the focus of the plot in this one and was very well done.
-19 nominations for Mad Men and 18 for Boardwalk Empire.  That's way too many nominations for shows that are definitely not in my top 10 for the year.
-The love for The Borgias (6 nominations) which was such a boring show and was made solely just to get Emmys.  Of course the Academy fell for it.
-The Comedy Series Directing Category.  Modern Family didn't even deserve 1 nomination (let alone 3) and what is with the random nomination for How I Met Your Mother?  "Goodbye, Michael" should have easily gotten in for The Office.
-Poor Joel McHale and Community got skunked again.
-No Samuel L. Jackson for Best TV Movie/Mini Actor.

The Ugly:
-No Game of Thrones in Art Direction.  Westeros looked liked it actually existed on that show and yet it gets snubbed in favor of Modern Family (which lets be honest that does not deserve to be anywhere near this category).
-The Walking Dead only got 3 nominations (Prosthetic Makeup, Sound Editing & Visual Effects) and got snubbed in categories that it should have been a shoo-in for (Art Direction, Sound Mixing, Makeup, a second Prosthetic Makeup nomination to name a few).
-Fringe gets 1 nomination for its website.  No John Nobel in Supporting Actor.  No technicals for the amazing "Lysergic Acid Diethylamide".
-That Music Composition for a Series Category is an atrocity. Fringe should have easily gotten in there.
-Hayley Atwell can't break into the TV Movie/Mini Actress category despite her miniseries getting a surprise nomination in the tv movie/mini category.

I was definitely happy with these nominations overall.  Then again as long as Margo Martindale was nominated I would have been happy.

As for Predicting, here is how I did:

Main Categories=113/164 (68.9%)
All Categories=286/501 (57.1)

Additionally, I correctly guessed the nomination tallies for Game of Thrones (13), Downton Abbey (11) and Parks and Recreation (3).

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