Oscars: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good
-Kirk Douglas stole the show as he basically acted like a troll on an internet forum (It turns out that is quite funny when an old man does it)
-Anne Hathaway was a very good host (She sang, she made jokes, she changed costumes many times, she flirted with Kirk Douglas)
-The acting winners were all great choices (Bale and Portman had the best performances of the year, Firth was the best in his field and Leo was the second best in her field)
-Wally Pfister (Inception) getting the overdue win (even though Deakins was more overdue and Libatuque did better work)
The Bad
-In 10 years, The Social Network will be one of the most critically acclaimed films in history, Inception will be a religion and The King’ Speech will be forgotten (The King’s Speech was a poor choice for Best Picture)
-Where was the big upset?  The biggest upset of the night was Pfister winning cinematography and even he won the precursor award for that category and always had a chance at winning.  Maybe they really should move the ceremony up if this is going to happen again
-Predicting wise, I did not have a good year (neither did anyone else which is surprising because there were no major upsets).  I ended up going 17/24 (all though I impressively went 8/8 in the major categories)
The Ugly
-James Franco seemed like he didn’t even want to be there and his performance as a host suffered from that
-Those film history transitions were a distraction and served no real purpose

All in all, it was not a good ceremony (just okay).  It was far better than last year but not as good as Hugh Jackman’s year.

So this is the end of the 2010-2011 Oscar season (or almost).  I will do a wrap up on the season this Saturday with the new episode of the Lord of the Films podcast.  Tomorrow I will do my first post about the 2011-2012 Oscar season with my Year in Advance Predictions.  After this week, the word Oscar probably won’t be returning on this blog until May.  It was a good season and I thank everyone who followed my coverage.  Now onto regular movie reviews and the television season.

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